Portable Hardness Tester

Leeb hardness testers

These Leeb 112 and Leeb120meters measure the hardness parameters: HL, HRC,HRB, HS,HB,HV.  The Leeb120 version has a PC connection capability.


  • English menu, convenient and easy for operation.
  • Hardness standards HL,HRB,HRC,HB,HV,HS can be used, free conversion between different standards.
  • Can calibrate HL,HRC,HB.
  • Automatically identify the 7 types of impact devices, replacing without re-calibration.
  • Small, portable, and accurate.
  • Suitable for harsh operating environment, anti vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.
  • Large screen LCD display with brightness LED back-light, convenient operation in the dark.
  • Upper and lower limit and sound alarm.
  • Conversion to tensile strength (U.T.S.).
  • Low power consumption: Auto sleep, automatic shutdown function of saving energy.
    Ordinary alkaline battery, standby time 150 hours.