adblue antifreeze ethylene propylene glycol refractometer
adblue antifreeze ethylene propylene glycol refractometer

We supply digital and optical refractometers for all applications, including salinity, Brix, specific gravity, car batteries, sucose, alcohol, serum protein, urine etc. We have the refractometer models presented and displayed on our Ecotao shop,

See also a generalized overview of DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS and optical refractometers.

The Brix scale refractometers cover a wide range of applications from cutting fluids (0-10% brix and 0-32% brix) to fruit juice and honey.

Optical or Handheld Refractometer

An optical handheld refractometer is an analog instrument that needs a bright natural light source to measure a liquid’s refractive index. Handheld refractometers are compact and easy to use, but less precise than the digital refractometers. Handheld refractometers are ideal for laboratory or industrial and production plant measurements. A drop the sample liquid is placed to fully cover the top of the glass sensor prism. Typical uses are for calculating the Brix value of fruit juices, crops, soft drinks, sauces, soups, water-soluble cutting oils, washing liquids, industrial liquids, and coolants. The refractometers are supplied as a variety of models calibrated to a specific measurement. For example a salinity refractometer measures the water salt content and cannot be used for fruit juices.

Digital Refractometer

Digital refractometers have a higher resolution than optical refractometers, generally producing a far more accurate reading. A good optical or digital refractometer has automatic temperature compensation so adjusting for the effect of temperature on the refractive index. Generally a digital refractometer has a wider scale and far higher resolution and precision.


Other refractometers

Refractometers are used in a wide range of applications such as  brix, salt (salinity), honey, antifreeze (ethylene and propylene glycol), wine, fruit drinks, sugar content (e.g. before cutting sugar cane), clinical, oil, cutting fluids, brake fluid, battery water, ABS and more. The clinical units measure serum protein (SP), SG (specific gravity) and RI (refractive index). Optical and digital models are available. We also supply specialist gem refractometers.

Within the brix range are numerous scales from 5% to 92%, allowing better precision in a preferred brix range.


Customizable digital refractometer range

We supply a range of refractometers that can be calibrated for optional ranges.
 See the standard Brix models at our shopping site.
Customizable refractometer.
Refractometer that we can calibrate and program for various measurements.
Scale NameScale DescriptionTest RangeUnitAccuracyResolutionModel
BrixBirx Range: 0.0- 90.0%0-90.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
R.I.Refractive Index Range: 1.3330.1.51771.3273-1.5177RI±0.0003nD0.0001nDMSDR-P2-90
Urea DensityDensity of Urea0.998-1.135 ±0.0020.001MSDR-P2-50
Battery FluidSpecific Gravity of Battery Fluid0.990-1.500 ±0.0050.001MSDR-P2-50
DMAC-1DMAC,  N- Dimethyl Acetamide0.0-100.0%±0.30.1MSDR-P2-90
DMFDMF- Dimethylformamide0.0-55.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
NaCIOMass Concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite0.0-18.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
NaOHMass Concentration of Sodium Hydroxide0.0-55.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
NMPN-Methyl Pyrrolidone.0.0-100.0%±0.30.1MSDR-P2-90
NaCI %Mass Concentration of Sodium Chloride ( %)0.0-28.5%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
NaCI pptMass Concentration of Sodium Chloride %0-285%.±21MSDR-P2-50
NaCI S.G D20/4Relative Density of Sodium Chloride D20/40.990-1.220 ±0.0020.001MSDR-P2-50
AD BlueMass Concentration of Vehicle Urea0.0-51.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
AD Blue JISMass Concentration of Vehicle Urea  JIS0.0-51.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
CleanerCleaning Liquid Ice Point.-94.0-32.0°F±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
DOT3 CMobil DOT3 Brake Oil Boiling Point125-260T±51MSDR-P2-90
DOT4 CMobil DOT4 Brake Oil Boiling Point125-276T±51MSDR-P2-90
E. G .V/VVolume Concentration of Ethylene Glycol (Volume)0.0-100.0%±0.50.1MSDR-P2-90
Ethylene glycol%Mass Concentration of Ethylene Glycol0.0-65.0%±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
Ethylene GlycolCBoiling Point of Ethylene Glycol99.9-112,8T±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
Ethylene glycolFFreezing Point of Ethylene Glycol, ASHRAE Standard-62.0-33.0F±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
Ethylene GlycolVVolume Concentration of Ethylene Glycol (Volume)0.0-62.0%±0.30.1MSDR-P2-50
P.G. V/VVolume Concentration of Propylene Glycol  (Volume)0.0-100.0%±0.50.1MSDR-P2-90
Propyleneglycol%Mass Concentration of Propylene Glycol(Mass)0.0-73.0%±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
PropyleneglycolCBoiling Point of Propylene Glycol100.0-112.0T±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
PropyleneglycolFFreezing Point of Propylene Glycol. ASHRAE Standard-94.0-33.0F±0.50.1MSDR-P2-50
PropyleneglycolVVolume Concentration of Propylene Glycol  (Volume)0.0-73.0%±0.30.1MSDR-P2-50
Honey BaumeHoney Baume (°B6)33.0-48.0°B±0.50.1MSDR-P2-90
Honey WaterWater Content of Honey Baum  (°B&) is a meth5.0-38.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
Sea ChlorinityChloride Content in Sea Water0.0-57%.±0.21MSDR-P2-50
Sea S.G D20/4D20/4 Relative Density of Seawater D20/40.990-1.070 ±20.001MSDR-P2-50
Sea SalinitySalinity of Seawater0-100%.±0.0021MSDR-P2-50
CacI2Mass Concentration of Calcium Chloride0.0-41.0%±20.1MSDR-P2-90
GlycerolGlycerin Concentration %0.0-100.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
H202Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration0.0-61.0%±0.40.1MSDR-P2-50
Sodium SulfateMass Concentration of Sodium Sulfate0.0-22.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
Sodium Sulfate vSodium Sulfate Viscosity0.971-2.481 ±0.0020.001MSDR-P2-50
Beer plato°P represents “Volume Fraction of  Wort” of Original Wort0.0-30.5°P±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
Wort S.G D20/20Specific Gravity of Wort for Beer D20/200.990-1.134 ±0.0020.001MSDR-P2-50
%VOL ap.Red Wine Alcohol0.0-23.0%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
KMWKMW is the Austria’s Sugar Unit.0.0-25.0 ±0.30.1MSDR-P2-50
Oe FOe F 0〜230 France-5-230°Oe±21MSDR-P2-50
Wine OeGerman Wines graded by degrees Oechsle (°Oe),  Sugar of  Grapes0-150°Oe±21MSDR-P2-50
DextranMass Concentration of Dextran0.0-10.6%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
FructoseMass Concentration of Fructose0.0-68.9%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
GlucoseMass Concentration of Glucose0.0-59.9%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-90
LactoseMass Concentration of Lactose0.0-16.5%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
MaltosMass Concentration of Maltose0.0-15.6%±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
Sterum P.Human Blood or Serum Protein Content g/100ml0.0-12.0g/100±0.20.1MSDR-P2-50
Urine HumenHuman Urine Specific Gravity D20/40.990-1.050 ±0.0020.001MSDR-P2-50
Alcohol GEthanol/Alcohol Concentration (Mass)0-73%±11MSDR-P2-50
Alcohol volEthanol/Alcohol Volume Fraction (Volume)0-80%±11MSDR-P2-50
AmmoniaAmmonia Mass Concentration0.0-35.0%±0.61MSDR-P2-50
IPAIsopropanol Mass Concentration0-81%±11MSDR-P2-50
 As a general rule when selecting the 50 or 90 percent refractometer model: If RI is less than 1.42432 then use LOW (50) range, if 1.42432 or higher then use HIGH (90) range model.

The above list of scales take a few hours to program into the units. The MSDR-P2 can have up to 10 scales (two are reserved for the RI and Brix values so effectively we can add another 8 but not ideal as it gets too cluttered).

Above is the list of possible scales we can add and the model number needed for the parameter. This should be done with initial purchase. There is a once-off extra cost to add 4 additional scales, and another cost for the full 8 possibilities.

Note the we could delete the RI/%Brix scales if you do not want them but generally we leave them on.

Digital refractometer - customizable and economical series
Digital refractometer – customizable and economical series



Atago refractometers

Atago is a top global refractometer brand. See one model example, ATAGO PAL-1 REFRACTOMETER-2022.
We can supply Atago refractometer models that cover nearly all applications:

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