Diaphragm Blowers

LP100 blower

Diaphragm blowers for koi ponds, small tanks and bins and medium depths

Between the low wattage fish tank sized blowers and side channel blowers for larger aeration requirements are diaphragm type blowers that deliver a suitable pressure and air volume for most small tank operations. We supply the Hailea ACO range and the Waterfall LP ranges, allowing for a variety of air delivery rates. This range is ideal for outdoor ponds such as koi and gold fish ponds.

Resun and Waterfall engineered type blower

Waterfall & Resun air pumps like the LP100 quietly deliver a maximum high volume air output of 8400 L/hr (140 litre per minute), which is suitable for  large fish and koi ponds and industrial applications like aerobic sewage treatment. It should be housed in a low dust environment, but can withstand light rain and water sprinkling. Dust will prematurely wear the rubber valves & diaphragms and affect airstones, blocking them from the inside.

Installation hint: To increase the life of the rubber diaphragms, the unit must have back pressure and at the other extreme, not run at the end point of its pressure curve.

Also used for: Waste water treatment aeration, deep water septic tank  aeration, natural swimming pond aeration, aquaculture pond aeration,  commercial and industrial water aeration, bubble baths. It can also be used for air lift water pumping & aeration, aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture.

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Electromagnetic linear diaphragm blower technology is a low noise (low decibel level) solution when measured in a quiet room.
The noise level is 44dB(A)+/- at 3m from air pump, 55dB(A)+/- at 500mm from air pump. A quiet room ambient noise level is 30dB(A)+/-.

Specification of 100 watt LP100

Cast aluminium body
Voltage/Wattage: 240V / 100W
Automatic thermal cut-out overload protection
Max pressure: 0.042 mPa / 0.42 bar / 420 mbar / 6.1 psi
Max air output: 8400L/hr (140 Litres/minute)
Air pump outlet diameter: 20mm
Must be set-up above the water level
Important: Rated IPX4 (meaning – Should be placed in a low dust environment but will tolerate rain and light sprinkling)   
Maximum water depth for placed airstones or air diffuser: 4.0m
Supplied with a plastic 33 outlet x 46mm barbed manifold to suit 4mm – 8mm silicon air line
Air Pump dimensions: 270mm(L)x200mm(W)x230mm(H)
Weight: Air Pump, 6.6kg. Cartoned pump: 7.31kg

Halea brand air blowers (compressors)

The blower case is made of aluminium (ZL-102),so does not corrode easily). 
It has ribs or vanes designed for efficient heat dissipation during use.
The blower is driven by an electrical magnetic motor that runs in a straight line reciprocal motion to work the diaphragm and produce air with a significant pressure capacity, ideal for water tank aeration.
The design is oil-free, as no lubrication is needed for 24/7 air delivery.

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Diaphragm blower curves

These air blowers are efficient for air deliver to tanks with water depths up to 4m and for air flow rates to about 200 liters per minute.

Industrial uses – small tank aeration

These air blowers are efficient for industrial air delivery to tanks for sewage treatment and other applications. In the below image a manifold is adapted to allow 3 air lines, each delivering 40 lpm via micropore aeration hose.

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