Soil Civil Engineering Apparatus

Soil and Civil Engineering Apparatus


We represent a range of manufacturers and so supply a variety of equipment. Please enquire: .


Some tests and equipment for civil works

  • Triplex Consolidation Equipment
  • Fully Automatic Pneumatic Consolidation Equipment
  • Electric Strain Unconfined Compression Tester
  • Electric Strain Direct Shear Testing Equipment
  • Intelligent Electric Tetragenous Direct Shear Testing Apparatus
  • Digital Electric Strain Direct Shear Apparatus
  • Liquid Plastic Limit United Device (Digital)
  • Liquid Limit Test Set
  • Disc Type Liquid Limit Device
  • Falling Head Soil Permeameter
  • Constant Head Permeameter
  • Sand Cone Test Sets
  • Relative Density Apparatus (Motorized)
  • CBR Machine (Dial Gauge)
  • Field CBR Test Set
  • K-30 Plate Load Test
  • 10kn Bench Triaxial Apparatus
  • Fully -Automatic Triaxial Test Set
  • Standard Proctor Compactor
  • Sand Replacement Test Set (Galvanized Steel)
  • Speedy Moisture Test Set
  • Precision Moisture Teller
  • Resilience Modulus Test Apparatus
  • Digital Multifunction Electric Compactor
  • Universal Electric Hydraulic Extruder 150KN (Overload Protection)
  • Universal Stripper (Manual)
  • Lab Test Sieve
Standard Proctor Compactor
CBR Machine (Dial Gauge)