Air Supply


Air supply, air delivery and aeration equipment for pressure and vacuum applications

We supply a range of air blowers for air supply and vacuum pumps for air extraction and suction applications.

Ecotao will advise on and select an air blower according to your specific need and application.

Side-channel blowers cover wide range of pressure (or vacuum) and air flow capacities. Single phase, 220 volt and 3 phase, 380 volt models are in stock. These blowers require no maintenance and do not use oil. (Air filters and diffusers require maintenance). Air deliveries from 0.6 m3/min to 2000m3/hour are available. In terms of kilowatts these range from 0.15 Kw to 30 Kw. Pressure delivery as mm H20 (milliliters of water head) ranges from 500 mm to 10,000mm (50mbar to 1,000 mbar) pressure range. These blowers can be used in pressure and vacuum applications.

We have the Ecotao Store for immediate purchase of air blowers that are in stock.

For more demanding blower specifications (air volume and pressure/vacuum), see the various blower curves.

See the table of general specifications and guideline prices of common regenerative blowers.

More information on regenerative blowers (side-channel/ring blowers . . .

There are also newer, higher efficiency blower technologies such as Magnetic Levitation Air Blowers.