Titanium Heaters

Submersible titanium electric heaters

Made of high impact resistant titanium. Highly corrosion-resistant, able to be used in sea-water safely. Fully submersible, with resin sealed connection to cable, Include T and U type.


The cable connection to the titanium heater is sealed in resin and encased in a soft plastic seal. The heater is connected to a control panel. A Pt100 probe from the control panel to the same tank is the temperature sensor that regulates the on/off electrical contacter, controlling temperatures within 1 degree Celsius in a properly mixed tank. Place the sensor away from the heater for better temperature control.

Please Note: Titanium heater must be placed in water and let water cover over the indicated line on heater before switched on to prevent damage from high temperature. A 3 kW heater will heat an indoor tank of 5 to 7 m3 in South African temperate conditions. Work on 0.5 kW of heating per m3 of water.

Generally in stock is the single phase, 3kw E01A07 and 1 kilowatt E01A09.


1 kilowatt titanium heater element: the element part that needs to be immersed is 35cm long. 3 kW elements are 74cm long and as fully submersible, can be laid horizontally or vertically.


Electrical control boxes

The above control box can carry 4 x 3kw elements, and a single PT100 sensor.

Heater Control box specifications:


Boxes with single PT100 control


Boxes with double PT100control


The dual or double control box has two independent units installed and so two PT100 temperature sensors.

Economy control systems for 2 kilowatt and lower

MH-2000 AC90V~250V electronic thermostat with LED digital display. This temperature controller is suitable for the 2 kW and smaller heater elements

The PT100 control part is 1.2m long



Heating requirement as kilowatts of heat input

Heating water depends a lot on the environment. The temperature difference and potential heat loss or heat gain per hour are major considerations in addition to the water volume.

I reared prawns at Amatikulu from 1989 to 2004.

We heated the hatchery tanks, 7000 liter, 10000 liter and 20000 liter.

There were indoors and with a clear roof as we needed light.

From this experience, in a closed room like this, 3 kw of heating can support 5000 liters of water.


See https://bloglocation.com/art/water-heating-calculator-for-time-energy-power

This confirms my experience – we can maintain 5000 liters with 3kw.

HOWEVER, put this same tank outdoors in winter and the air is 13C and windy so there is heat loss and a chill factor, then the heat loss per hour from the water can be higher than the heat gain, so you end up failing to heat the same water if the heat loss exceed the heating capacity. Below, we gain 13 degrees over 24 hours roughly, so if the heat loss is 1 degree per hour, the water will warm to a lower equilibrium point between heat loss and heat gain and then stop heating.

Using the same link, the LZ08 heat pump has a 26kw heating capacity and is advise for up to 15m3. The 26kw heating capacity will take about 400 minutes of 6.6 hours to heat 15000 liters from 18 to 28C, assuming no heat loss.

Heat loss rate is an important consideration. There is a lot of potential heat gain or heat loss from open outdoor tanks, while tanks in an insulated room are more stable.

heating power calculator
heating power calculator