Agricultural applications

Equipment, chemicals and tools for agriculture overlap with many industries, but also have some very specific fields of application. So for example, the Extech range of testing equipment will have many applications in agriculture and other industries.

We supply

ULV and thermal fogging equipment for cooling and disinfection. These are used in disinfection application for bacteria, fungi and viruses and insecticide application.

We supply equipment for soil and water testing of the many essential parameters (pH, conductivity, temperature, humidity, N, P, K and other soil elements amd more).The Lamotte range includes soil testing kits.

We supply weather stations, and remote soil sensing tools used in irrigation and other crop and soil manageent applications.

Under the category of soil management we can offer a wide range of tools and equipment. Please email your requirement to

Center Enamel industrial and agricultural tanks are supplied internationally and are supplied in modular form for quick installation.

Pocket penetrometer
Soil core sampling sets

Agricultural categories

Within the category of agricultural equipment, we can offer equipment under the following general grouping. The below list is imported from mostly Canada or China. Generally we focus on the more specialized items that are difficult to source as the more common goods can be found locally in various general stores.

Forestry, Fire Fighting & Tree Planting

    Field Vests, Clothing & Hats
    Auto Organizers & Sheet Holders
    Boundary Markers & Flagging
    Posted/Warning Signs, Tackers & Tags
    Tree & Boundary Marking,Paint & Accessories
    GPS Receivers & Accessories
    Topo CD Maps, Atlases & GIS
    Altimeters, Barometers & Watches
    Educational Mapping & Orienteering Kits
    Compasses, Transits & Clinometers
    Cruising Tools, Relaskop & Calipers
    Diameter/Logger’s Tapes, Prisms & Leaf Area Meter
    Increment Borers, Bark Gauges & Data Collector
    Tally Counters & Log Scale Sticks
    Wood & Specialty Moisture Meters
    Tree and Log Marking Tools
    Portable Sawmills
    Log Handling Tools, Saws & Chainsaws
    Logger Safety Products, Hats, & Boots
    Firefighting Protective Clothing, Shelters & Packs
    Rescue Gear
    Firefighting Pumps, Tanks, Hoses & Foam
    Backpack Firefighting Pumps
    Moisture Meters & Wind Meters
    Drip Torches & Firefighting Tools
    Tree Planting & Protection Supplies
    Herbicides & Applicators

Arboriculture, Horticulture & Landscape

    Spreaders, Harrows & ATV Equipment
    Erosion Control & Landscape Fabrics
    Fencing, Power Augers, & Drills
    Mattocks, Shovels, Hoes & Rakes
    Transplanting & Nursery Supplies
    Parks & Recreation Equipment
    Landscaping Equipment
    Brush Cutters & Christmas Tree Knives
    Pruners, Loppers & Hedge Shears
    Tree Pruning & Trimming Saws
    Climbing Equipment & Ropes
    Tree Anchors & Protectors
    Fertilizers, Irrigation & Garden Hoses
    Soil Instruments, Kits & Thermometers 

    Environmental Science

    Soil & Rock Color Charts
    Soil Sampling Tools & Supplies
    Geology Tools, Sieves & Screens
    Water Testing Kits & Sampling Pumps
    Drum & Tank Samplers & Bailers
    Water Level Meters & Loggers
    Stream Gauges, Fluorescent Dyes & UV Lights 

    Limnology, Fisheries & Wildlife

    Flow Meters & Current Meters
    Bottom Dredges & Sediment Samplers
    Water Sampling Equipment
    Light Meters & Secchi Discs
    Field Kits, Plate & Sand Samplers
    Nets & Fisheries Management
    Lake & Pond Maintenance Tools
    Bird Nesting Boxes
    Deterrents, Snares & Traps
    Bee Handling Accessories
    Wildlife Handling Tools
    Wildlife Management Equipment
    Cameras, Binoculars & Scopes 

    Educational & Laboratory Equipment

    FSI F.I.E.L.D. Kits & GLOBE Kits
    Electrical Circuit Education & 

    Air Quality Kits

    Soil, Water, & GREEN Program Kits
    Aquatics, Biology & Chemistry Kits
    Educational Posters
    Mineral & Fossil Kits
    Bird Cameras & Time Lapse Cameras
    Animal Skulls
    Botanical/Entomological Equipment
    Dissection Tools
    Microscopes & Magnifiers
    Calipers, Scales & Balances
    Eyewash, Lab Ovens & Aprons
    Labware & Detergent
    Lab, IR Thermometers & Temp Meters 

    Weather Instruments

    Psychrometers & Hygrometers
    Rain Gauges & Evaporation Station
    Data Loggers
    Weather Alert Monitors
    Weather Stations

    Mapping, Surveying & Engineering

    GIS Instruments & Total Stations
    Prisms & Range Poles
    Digital Theodolites & Data Collectors
    Levels & Rotary Lasers
    Auto Levels, Transit Levels & Tripods
    Abney Levels & Hand Levels
    Leveling Rods & Measuring Rods
    Measuring Tapes & Rules
    Distance Measurers & Rangefinders
    Vehicle Distance Measurers
    All Weather Field Books & Paper
    Surveying Accessories & Locators
    Portable Radios & Megaphones
    Traffic Safety
    Aerial Targets, Stereoscopes & Planimeters
    Map/Area Scales & Drafting Aids
    Shipping Tubes, Plan Files & Cabinets 

    Protective Wear & First Aid Products

    Emergency Eyewash Station
    Safety Glasses & Goggles
    Hard Hats, Caps & Accessories
    Hearing Protection
    Protective Coveralls
    Work Gloves & Body Support
    Rain Suits, Life Vests & Safety Gear
    Cold Weather Gear & Snow Shoes
    Waders, Boots & Chaps
    Snake Boots, Leggings & Chaps
    Tick & Insect Repellents
    Poison Plant Relief
    First Aid Kits & Rescue Gear 

    Outdoor Gear

    Water Coolers, Gatorade & Ice Chests
    Water Packs & Purification Systems
    Cooking Equipment & Portable Tables
    Camping & Rescue Gear
    Backpacks, Frames & Duffle Bags
    Power Inverters & Generators
    Flashlights, Spot Lights & Batteries
    Multi tools, Knives & Sharpeners 

    Tools and Equipment

    Tools, Tool Bags & Storage Boxes
    Tie Downs, Tow Straps & Jacks
    Battery Chargers & Jumper Cables
    Truck Boxes
    Fuel Stabilizers & Treatment
    Pumps & Drum Accessories
    Waste Cans, Storage Cabinets,Gas & Oil Containers 

    Reference Books & Materials

    Arboriculture & Forestry Reference
    Horticulture & Landscape Reference
    Environmental & Geology Reference
    Wildlife Management Reference 

Forest & Wildlife 2015

    Safety Vests, Tamiami Shirts, and Hats
    Chestpacks, Briefcases and RAM Mounts
    Tally Counters, Tally Books, & Notebooks
    Signs, Flagging and Marking Tools
    Aluminum Tags and Stake Flags
    Tree Marking Guns and Tools
    Tree Marking and Boundary Paint
    GPS Units and TOPO Maps
    Compasses and Atlases
    Clinometers and Compasses
    Plot Center Sticks and Increment Borers
    Hypsometers and Distance Measurer
    Electronic Clinometers and Compasses
    Rangefinder/Hypsometers, Dendrometer
    Spiegel Relaskop, Calipers & Densitometer
    Logger’s Tape, Diameter Tape & Prisms
    Hard Hats and Chain Saw Chaps
    Chain Saws, Cant Hook and Axe
    Firefighting Pumps and Tools
    Drip Torches
    OST, KBC and Dibble Bars
    Absorbent and Fertilizer Tablets
    Shovels, Spades and Hoedads
    Tree Planting Bags
    Tree Protectors
    Forestry Suppliers’ Rakes and Shovels
    Pole Saw, Pruners and Pruning Saws
    Hog Traps and Snares
    Wildlife Body Traps and Lure
    Live Capture Traps
    Squirrel Trap and Raccoon Traps
    Animal Restraining Pole and Capture Nets
    Handling Gloves for Animals and Reptiles
    Reptile Tongs and Snake Hooks
    Snake Boots
    Brush Chaps and Brush Clearing Tools
    Game Cameras
    Field Manuals
    Deer Herd Management Tools
    Sprayers and Herbicides
    Harrows, Spreaders and Repellent
    Fish Board
    Stealth 1200 Boat
    Traceable® Digital Calipers
    Scales and Balance
    LaCrosse® Hip Boots and Boots
    Scrusher® Boot Cleaner
    Peet Power Cell Shoe Dryer
    Field Boots
    Rain Suits and Waders
    Pocket Guide to Hydric Soil Field Indicators
    Binoculars and Spotting Scope
    Cameras and Night Vision Monocular
    Nesting Boxes
    Cutrine-Plus Algaecide/Herbicide
    Tick and Insect Repellent
    Streamlight® Waypoint® LED Spotlight
    Princeton Tec® Sync® Headlamp
    Tents, Backpacks and Coolers
    Insect Shield® Technical Field Shirt
    Insect Shield® Cargo Pants