Soil Test Kits For Agriculture

Soil test kits for agriculture

As well as agricultural soil test kits, Lamotte has kits for Plant Tissue Macronutrient and micronutrient testing.

There are also soil texture test kits.

General tools for soil testing

We supply soil augers, soil moisture meters, soil compaction penetrometers (and DCP (dynamic cone penetrometers)). We offer a wide range of soil sampling kits and tools.


Soil moisture and pH are important parameters to monitor.


Lamotte range of soil testing kits

For soil parameter such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and other elements, we have may soil kits available.

Agricultural kits

Macro-nutrient, micro-nutrient and soil texture kits

Amtast 4-in-1 soil test tool

PH Value, Temperature, Moisture, Sunlight Test Meter




Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.