Lamotte product range

Please review the product range or search for the analytical testing tool you require. Please email or WhatsApp (0823903989) an enquiry or request for a quotation.

This range of testing/analytical equipment covers aquaculture and many other industries. Lamotte has been servicing analytical needs since 1919. Lamotte has a wide range of soil testing kits and water testing kits, including those for aquaculture, aquaponics and hydroponics.

Other industries serviced with Lamotte brand products

Pool & Spa, Water Environmental Education &, Monitoring Industrial, Water Boiling & Cooling Water/,  Wastewater Drinking, Water Food and Beverage, HACCP processing plants,
Sanitation & Laundry, Aquarium & Fish Farming, general farming (agriculture) and  Soil Microbiological. Should you be in one of these industries, we have the testing or analytical tool for you.

Aquarium and Fish Farming
Testing Products
LaMotte manufacturers a complete line of individual test kits and multi-parameter outfits to meet the water chemistry control requirements commercial fish hatcheries, distributors and transporters of aquarium specimens, professional aquariums, aquaculture researchers and aquarium hobbyists. Our line ranges from simple test kits for the hobbyist to electronic labs for the professional aquaculture manager. We also supply Lamotte test strips for rapid and cheap testing.