Laboratory Furniture

VOLAB Laboratory furniture

Ecotao cooperates with South African laboratory furniture manufacturers and imports customized and standard VOLAB and Fraser laboratory furniture on order. The type of lab bench product material options include all steel, steel and wood, stainless steel, polypropylene acid resistant benches and anti-vibration tables.

laboratory furniture
laboratory furniture

The lab benches and furniture are packed in pieces and the laboratory file cabinets are delivered complete.

For installation ease, VOLAB designs simple and  reasonable lab furniture, and you can easily install it as per the the supplied drawings (installation guidance and drawings). 

Our manufacturer has 10 professional designers to design the drawing for clients without any charges. 

Example projects from brand manufacturer

  • Canada Science Laboratory
  • VOLAB passed the certificate of ISO9001 and ISO14001,
  • Over the past  VOLAB has served the customers such as Coco Cola , EPSON , Valspar, BGI ect.,
  • BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute ). AREA: 23000 square meters
  • Painting Co., Ltd

Painting Co. Ltd laboratory


Beijing Genomics Institute