Eurus Blower

Eurus positive displacment blowers have three model ranges, ZG, ZZ & MB.

The ZG. ZZ and MB series have a maximum pressure of 1.03Bar. On the vacuum sie the ZG and MB can achieve -508mbar while the ZZ maximum is -542mbar.

Air delivery, aeration and vacuum equipment

We have a range of products for air supply:

  • ZG series is a tri-lobed blowers, while the ZZ & MB has a two lobe rotor (bi-lobe).
  • Roots blowers (positive displacement blowers (PD)) with a versatile configuration.
  • ZG and MB are replacements for Duroflow and RAM/RCS models.
  • ZZ series blowers are drop-in replacements for Roots URAI, Sutobilt Legend and Tuthill Competitor Models
  • ZG & MB maximum air flow is 112m3/min and ZZ blowers, 66.5m3/min 
  • ZG & MB have dual splash lubrication, while the ZZ has oil lubricated gear side and grease lubricated drive side.
  • Oversized Bearings allow longer life and lower noise (double row angular contact ball bearings for positive rotor placement).
  • ZG & MB series have piston ring air seals.
  • One-piece, ductile iron, dynamically balanced rotors for smooth operation.
  • Numerous models within each range

ZG Series
Three-lobe Positive Displacement Blower
& Vacuum Pumps. Models, ZG50, ZG65, ZG80, ZG100, ZG 125, ZG150, ZG200, ZG250.

Precision helical timing gears: precision ground helical timing gears maintain interlobe clearance with reduced noise.

Multi-piston ring oil/air seals: long life piston ring seals provide double protection against oil or air/gas leaks.

One piece ductile iron rotors: Low noise tri-lobe rotors, dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

ZG series positive displacement blower performance data