CFLT Cartridge Filter

Series 4200, High Capacity Cartridge Filters

PPL and PVDF Housings


The HAYWARD 4200 housings, are now also called the EATON POLYLINE housings.


OLYLINE filter housings have no metal components to rust, corrode or contaminate the process media. Housings are available for size 01 or 02 filter bags (PVDF 02 only).

An Important Advance in Cartridge Filtration: Now you can have all the benefits of cartridge filtration for industrial and commercial applications while getting complete corrosion resistance. The one-piece, seamless, plastic-body cartridge filters will never rust or corrode, nor will they contaminate the process fluid.

Thousands of Applications: Hayward’s Series 4200 all-plastic cartridge filters have been designed to work in the most demanding of applications whether for high purity water or aggressive chemical filtration. These heavy-wall-housing filters will withstand operating pressures of up to 150 PSI with no problem. Series 4200 filters will work in corrosive atmospheres and harsh environments, places where a metal housing would have to be painted or epoxy-coated just to survive. All this, plus light weight and easy installation, make the Series 4200 cartridge filter right for your application.


The Right Configuration for Your Application: Series 4200 cartridge filter housings are offered in three sizes making it easier to choose the exact filter for your application requirements. And you can choose between two types of cartridges. Hayward HC cellulose cartridges are perfect for all types of water filtration up to 165°F. Their special design packs 47 sq ft of filter media into a 16” tall cartridge. PF polypropylene cartridges are silicone-free and feature graded density construction for superior particle retention.

Duplex Models: Choose a Series 4200 duplex cartridge filter for those applications where the pipeline flow cannot be shut down to change out filter cartridges. Duplex filters allow the pipeline flow to be diverted to one of the two filter housings. This permits the off-line housing to be serviced without flow shutdown.


  • PPL or PVDF Construction
    • All plastic construction with smooth interior
  • High Pressure Ratings
  • Threaded or Flanged Connections
  • FPM or EPDM Seals
  • Inline or Loop Flow
  • Hand-Removable Cover
  • Simplex or Duplex Designs
  • Two -Year Warranty


  • Nominal and Absolute
  • Rated Cartridges
  • Large Filtration Area
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity