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Sedgewick rafter counting cell


The Sedgewick Rafter chamber is constructed as a flat slide (76mm x 40mm) onto which is cemented a ‘wall’ to form a chamber or cell in the middle. This chamber is 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep and its base is marked with a grid of 100 x 1mm squares. When filled with liquid and with a cover glass placed over the chamber a 1ml volume of liquid is trapped. When used under a low magnification light microscope, each of the grid squares equates to 1 microlitre of liquid.

Neubauer hemacytometer (haemacytometer)



Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer (Haemacytometer) Blood Cell Counting Chamber.

The hemacytometer is generally used in the size range above 10 microns for counting, for example, algae density in aquaculture applications.

Cell depth: 0.100 mm. Volume: 0.1 Microliter.
Pattern: Improved Neubauer, 1/400 Square mm.
Size: 79mm*39mm*13mm

High Quality Microscope Stage calibration glass  slide with 0.01MM Micrometer with 4 reticle Measuring Micrometer

 Slide Size


 X ruler







Super Widefield 10X Microscope Eyepiece with Reticle (30mm)


Magnification Power: 10x
Graduated in: 0.1mm
Overall Reticle: 16mm
Mounting Sizes (in diameter): 23.2mm, 30mm tube