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Prices for side channel blowers

We stock & supply a range of regenerative air blowers for air supply and vacuum (suction) applications.

We now have an online shop where our stocked blowers are available. Please always order an intake filter together with the blower.

Aerator, aeration and blower prices – side channel blower

The below table summarizes the commonly stocked blower parameters and guideline prices. Please check our shopping site where you can purchase our blowers online. Alternatively, contact us if you need advise on the correct blower to select.

We supply blowers for general applications, such as aquaculture and more specialized blowers for precise volume and pressure requirements. These blowers are know as side channel or regenerative blowers. Side channel blowers, also known as vacuum pumps or vacuum compressors, can generate significantly higher pressures than industrial fans. However, a side channel blower generates lower air flow than, for example, low pressure centrifugal fans. The blowers can work in vacuum and air delivery applications.

Please see the blower curve selection of the specialized and wide range of blowers.

Regenerative (side-channel) blowers generally in stock or on order

Ecotao will advise on and select an air blower according to your specific need and application. We can assist with air flow estimates and will need information on your application.

Side channel or regenerative blower stock

Please contact us to confirm stock availability and prices. 
side channel blower prices (regenerative air blowers)
Side channel (regenerative, ring) air blower prices