Lake & Pond Aeration

Lake and pond aeration for deep water pond systems

Rocking piston air blowers and vacuum pumps

These piston blowers are designed for deep lakes and applications with air delivery requirements to over 30 meters depth (over 50 PSI). Due to their high cost, they are only imported on request/order. Most applications can be served with blowers such as the ring blower or LP100 blower.

Oil-less rocking piston compressors are a great choice for continuous operation applications like aeration because they have high pressure capability but operate at lower rpm’s so they run cooler (which means they last longer!), use less electricity and run quieter than similar compressors.

Rocking piston design



Model MPC-6025C is 220 volt, 50 Hz and at 10.5 meters, delivers 70 lpm


Rocking piston compressors are ideal compressor and aerators for deep ponds or lakes.
Pump up to 100ft deep

Features and benefits:

  • Grid structured front cover for safety protection.
  • Oil-less non-lube piston and cylinder.
  • Permanently lubricated bearings.
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminium components.
  • Cylinder hard coated for wear resistance.
  • Head design allows easily replace piston seal.
  • Balanced for smooth, low vibration operation


Sets and kits

MEA Lake Pro 4C deep water lake aeration kit

Typical set: MPC-60C+MDB11*2+WAH-3/8*2

Diffuser disks or aeration disks



Weighted air hose