Gnat Dipslide Incubator

Gnat 2 slide microbiology incubator (12V / 240V)


  • 2 Dipslide Capacity
  • Compact design
  • 30°C Pre-set temperature
  • Achieves temperature in 30mins
  • High Temperature Protection
  • 240V power supply (optional 12V power lead available)


Dipslides are used to establish and  asses if the conditions present in a water system encourage bacteria  to multiply.  Once the sample has been collected the dipslide requires incubation at 30°C for 48 hours to obtain a true result and  consistently time after time.

A dipslide incubator is a critical  element of microbiological monitoring. Incubation temperature is critical. A lower temperature can mean  the bacteria will grow more slowly and give a false low reading.  If  your reading is artificially low then the treatment engineer will  consider that no action is necessary and the bacteria will be free to  multiply and increase the risk to public health.  Conversely if the  temperature is high then the growth may be accelerated giving a false  positive.  This false high bacteria count can lead to unnecessary and  expensive extra cleaning and treatment processes.

Approved code of practice and  guidance for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems  requires weekly monitoring of microbiological activity.


The Gnat Incubator has a capacity to  incubate two dipslides at a preset temperature of 30°C. The two heated dipslide cells will hold standard MicroSlide Dipslides or non-screw  top dipslides.

This compact 2 dipslide Incubator has been designed with  industry standard heating technology to meet the incubation required  for L8 legionella control monitoring. It is specifically intended for those treatment engineers who have a routine requirement to monitor a single cooling tower.

There is no confusing set up as the incubator is factory  set to 30°C, just plug it in and switch it on.  It will be at 30°C in  30 minutes.

Running on the supplied 220/240V mains  power lead or an optional 12V power lead for use in a standard car  lighter socket, it is protected by an internal fuse and has an  over-temp protection for safe extended use.

Simplicity of operation, maintenance free, 30 minute minute  warm up period, the incubation of your dipslides couldn’t be easier!





Gnat 2 Dipslide Incubator



Power Supply:



Temperature Range:



External Dimensions:

150 x 95 x 83mm





Optional 12V Power lead for Gnat


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