Prepared Microscope Slides

Prepared microscope slides

We can supply a wide selection of microscope slides for laboratory work and education.

Make your set, as the minimum order is 30 slides. Due to the relatively low value of these individual slides, there is an additional US$80 handling and administrative fee. The slides are prepared in China, so there is an additional freight fee to the overall costs.

We also supply sets as below, 48 piece and 100 slide sets.

Prepared slide list


Kits available for general education


Quantity: 48pcs (12pcs in one box)
Color:Red Yellow Blue Green
Material: Plastic
Size: 62 x 22 cm (2 1/2″ x 7/8″)

Red box:

Butterfly leg; Butterfly Antenna; Butterfly Wing; Honeybee wing; Honeybee Antenna; Honeybee leg

Dragonfly Wing; Dragonfly Abdomen; Dragonfly leg; Locust leg; Locust Wing; Locust Antenna

Green Box:

Celery leaf; corn stem; lotus root; cabbage leaf; pumpkin ovary; ginger root; onion Epidermis; burdock root; garrot root; cucumber ovary; sponge gourd stem; potato starch

Yellow box:

dandelion fuzz; carnation stem; tulip pollen; laver; lily pollen; camellia pollen; sunflower pollen; bamboo cane; phlox leaf; pine tree stem; veins of holy leaf; agar

Blue Box:

goldfish scale; sardine scale; plankton egg; canary feather; rabbit hair; cat hair; horse hair; cow hair; sheep hair; fowl feather; duck feather; pigeon feather

100 slide set


Typical contents as follows. Contents may vary.

Slides information as follow :

 Root tip of plant L.S.

 Young root of plantT.S.

 Stem of pumpkin L.S.

 Stem of monocotyledon T.S.

 Stem of xylophyta dicotyledon T.S.

 Lower epiderm of leaf of horsebean W.M.

 Penicillium W.M.

 Microzyme w.m.

 Aspergillus W.M.

 Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.

 Letter “e” W.M.

 Apical bud L.S.

 Stem of dicotyledon T.S.

 Actinomycets W.M.

 Chlamydomonas W.M.

 Three types of Bacteria

 Leaf of Pinus T.S.

 Plasmodesmus sec.

 Meiosis of Grasshopper sec.

 Lymph node sec.

 Polliondium of Funaria L.S.

 Archegonium of Funaria L.S.

 Protonema of Funaria W.M.

 Sporophyll of Pteridium sec.

 Protothallus of Pteridium W.M.

 Young sporophyte of protothallus of Pteridium W.M.

 Pollen germination W.M.

 Ovary of Lilium T.S.

 Matuer anther of Lilium T.S.

 Volvox W.M.

 Agaricus sec.

 Seed of Zea mays L.S.

 Epiderm of Allium W.M.

 Spirogyra W.M.

 Rhizopus W.M.

 Hydra L.S.

 Zygote of Ascarid lumbricoide W.M.

 Earthworm T.S.

 Conjugation of Paramecium caudatum W.M.

 Binary fission of Paramecium caudatum W.M.


 Sexual mosaic of Schistosoma japonicum W.M.

 Mature proglottid of Taenia solium W.M. 

 Schistosoma japonicum (male) W.M.

 Schistosoma japonicum (female) W.M.

 Ascaris lumbricoides (female and male)T.S.

 Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee W.M.

 Mouthpart of Honeybee W.M.

 Mouthpart of Housefly W.M.

 Mouthpart of Butterfly W.M.

 Mouthpart of Mosquito W.M.

 Mouthpart of Grasshopper W.M.

 Hydra with bud W.M.

 Simple squamous epithelium sec.

 Stratified squamous epithelium sec.

 Dense connective tissue(Tendon L.S.)sec.

 Loose connective tissue W.M.

 Blood of Human smear

 Skeletal muscle T.S.and L.S.

 Smooth muscle islolated W.M.

 Cardiac muscle sec.

 Neurcytes islolated W.M.

 Skin of Human(show hair follicle) sec.

 Skin of Human(show sweat gland) sec.

 Spinal cord T.S.

 Motor end plate W.M.

 Corpus ventriculi sec.

 Kidney  L.S.

 Artery and vein sec.

 Intestine  T.S.

 Ciliated epithelium of gill T.S.

 Lung sec.(blood vessels injected with colored gelatin)

 Kidney sec.(blood vessels injected with colored gelatin)

 Testis T.S.

 Ovary  sec.

 Sperm of smear

 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of HumanW.M.

 Chromosome of human W.M.

 Root tip of Allium cepa L.S.(show mitotic division)

 Mitosis of animal sec.(Parascaris equorum )

 Cleavage stage of egg of Frog sec.

 Gastrula stage of egg of Frog sec.

 Blastula stage of egg of Frog sec.

 Salivary chromosome of Chironomus W.M.

 Conjugation of Spirogyra W.M.

 Simple-cell of egg of Frog sec.

 2-cell of egg of Frog sec.

 Early gastrula stage of egg of Frog sec.

 Lichen sec.

 Young embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.

 Mature embryo of Capsella bursa-pastoris sec.