Water Heaters


Heating equipment

We have a very reliable selection of water heaters; both gas and electric. Our immersion heater materials are titanium, so do not corrode in seawater. They can be used in ponds and tanks and for industrial electric heating applications where heater elements need to be chemical resistant.

Complete tank heating set

The tank heating set runs on diesel for heating and electricity for pumping. Heater water is recirculated through the tanks in titanium pipes that transfer the heat to the water.

Immersion titanium heater

Titanium elements do not corrode and so have a long life.


500 watt heater with control

For small tanks, we have 100 watt and 500 watt stainless steel heater elements with built-in thermostat controls.


Fully submersible, 32C maximum setting, stainless steel, 500 watt  heater element with built-in controller and setting adjustment.

Electronic thermo controllers

Immersion heaters plug into these wall mounted temperature control boxes. A PT100 sensor probe connects to the tank to control temperature and provide the temperature on the control panel. Volt and Amp meter readouts give an indication of the load being used. Temperature is set by a dial control to the desired temperature. Single phase and three-phase units are available.

We can also assemble controllers with local materials. There are cheaper than the above, but of a simple design.


Gas heater

Gas heaters works with gas and deliver the equivalent of 10 kw of heating, so are capable of maintaining volumes of up to 50 cubic metres indoors.