Fogging Equipment

ULV, thermal and agricultural foggers and sprayers

Foggers and sprayers are used for disinfection with various chemicals to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Foggers are also used to apply insecticides and to serve as humidifiers.

Fine micron fogging applications

Foggers produce water particles in the 5 to 50 micron range.

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Foggers are an important tool in the fight against the spread of COVID19 / Novel Coronavirus disease  (also called SARS-CoV-2 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).

Fogging Machine Application

You can apply thermal fog generators or ULV cold fogger with

Biocides or disinfectants in following areas:

1. Food processing plants
2. Transportation (cruise ships, airplanes, cargo containers)
3. Pharmaceuticals packaging
4. Hospitals
5. Schools, daycare
6. Veterinary clinics
7. Homes and businesses


Odor control

You can apply thermal fog generators or ULV cold fogger with deodorants or odor neutralizers in following areas:
1. Smoke odor removal from hotel rooms, meeting rooms
2. Trash chutes in apartments
3. Solid waste transfer stations, landfills
4. Composting facilities


Typical fogging applications

Fogging can be used for control of mosquitoes, flies, etc.

Thermal fogger

Thermal foggers – see general models sheet





Battery Powered ULV

See the various battery powered fogging machines.


Electric ULV machines

See the various electric models available