Water Coolers

Water coolers


Water coolers and recirculating coolers for laboratory applications are available in various sizes.

Typical specification

Cooling capacity: 12000 BTU/HR, 3000 KCAL/HR
Power source V 1phase˜ AC220V 50/60Hz or 3phase˜ AC220V 50/60Hz
Total overburdening current consumption : 7.2A
Water pump horsepower: 0.5 HP
Water pump discharge rate: 30 L/min
Water tank: 26L
Inlet and outlet pipe-diameter: 3/4â”x3/4”
Temperature range is 15°C~30°C
Digital control panel with precision ± 0.5°C~± 1.0°C
Dimensions: D518x W506 x H969 mm
Refarigerant gas R134A/R407c
Wegiht: 94 kg