Radial Flow Filter

Radial flow filters

South African-made


1330mm diameter, 1100mm high.

Suitable for removal of solids waste from fish tanks.

50mm Inlet, 50mm Outlet and 50mm Bottom tap for solids disposal.


Imported radial flow settlers


The Radial Flow Settler (RFS) is a passive, gravity fed, pre-filtration device for particle removal from system effluent flows. RFS units are very effectively used for the removal of up to 85% of settleable solids from aquaculture effluent flows. They are also very effective in removing settleable solids such as sand and grit from fish farm supply flows. This is a very simple, energy neutral, proven device is in use on recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics and specialty filtration applications world-wide. RFS units have been found to provide approximately twice the TSS removal efficiency of swirl separators of identical size and surface-loading rate. Also, the use of an RFS unit vs. a swirl separator provided considerably reduced solids loading on the microscreen drum filter, which would be expected to reduce its backwash requirements.