Illuminated Incubators

Illuminated incubators & growth chambers

Scientific brand growth chamber

The Scientific brand range of growth chamber has been designed for experimentation in the growth of plants, animals and insects. 150 liter and 400 liter models are available. Illumination is 1000 LUX and temperature control 0 to 60 degrees Celsius with built-in refrigeration and heating.
400 liter growth chamber
400 liter growth chamber

Chinese brand growth chamber

These incubators and growth chambers have many uses such as seed germination, seed storage, algae culture, plant cell culture and propagation etc.


illuminated-incubator-modelsDiurnal studies

Diurnal growth chambers are designed for studies requiring day and nighttime simulation.

This unit features dual-program selector dials, which allows control of two temperature conditions and an ON/OFF  illumination cycle relative to the program selected.

Each system operates independently allowing for simulation of a diurnal cycle, such as an eight hour day cycle of 30°C with light followed by a sixteen hour night cycle of 18°C without light.

Forced air circulation ensures the most reproducible test conditions.

The chamber air is gently and continuously circulated at a rate that ensures temperature uniformity of all test samples.

The unit is equipped with a hermetically-sealed compressor and an independent over temp. safety controller.

In addition, a one amp interior outlet allows use of shakers, stirrers, roller bottles or other apparatus.

This chamber is ideal for plant growth studies.