Gas Heater

Titanium gas powered water heater: E01A16

This equipment uses gas as fuel. It is suitable for tank up to 50 m3 as heating equipment. Its standard component parts are as below:

  • Stainless Hand Car: 1200x530x430mm)
  • Water Pump: 1/211P, 220V„ 2 Phase, RPM: 1800rpm
  • Heating Titanium Pipe: 0.6 inch (Bore). total length is 18M. Its formed to be one titanium circle. Specification of titanium circle: Dia x H — 430x600mm
  • Pressure resistant hose: 60M/roll.
  • Gas Heating Set. (The gas heater is similar to a 10KW Titanium Heater, so can heat up to 50 m3 of water indoors).



These sets are custom priced and are around R50,000 excluding VAT.

Accessories added to the final costing include pressure resistant hose, heating titanium pipe (heat-exchange pipe).