12-volt-aerator solar aeration blower


12 Volt air blowers for portable use

Driven by high quality DC permanent-magentic motor, the piston moves reciprocally in the cylinder up and down driving a diaphragm & produces air flow that is large in output and high in pressure. Non-oil lubricating design to produce more purified compressed air. It is small in size, quick in heat dissipation and portable. These twelve volt compressor blowers are not suited to 24/7 operation. They should run for short periods of a few hours and then cool down.

Various model options

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25 watt x 12 volt blower ACO-003, 55 lpm maximum & 350mbar max.


75 watt Hailea Air Compressor, 12VDC, ACO-006, 100 lpm max. & 800 mbar max.


35 watt Hailea Air Compressor, 12VDC, ACO-006D, 80 lpm max. & 800mbar max.


130 watt Hailea Air Compressor, 12VDC, ACO-007, 140 lpm max. & 1000 mbar max.