Dynamic cone penetrometer: DCP

Dynamic cone penetrometer

The TRL DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) is an instrument designed for the rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of existing road pavements constructed with unbound materials. Continuous measurements can be made down to a depth of approximately 850 mm or when extension shafts are used to a recommended maximum depth of 2 m. Where pavement layers have different strengths the boundaries can be identified and the thickness of the layers determined. Correlation’fs have been established in earlier work (Van Vuuren 1969, Kleyn and Van Heerden 1983, Smith and Pratt 1983) between measurements with the DCP and CBR (California Bearing Ratio) so that results can be interpreted and compared with CBR specifications for pavement design. A typical test takes only a few minutes and therefore the instrument provides a very efficient method of obtaining information that would normally require the digging