Axial Fans

Axial fans, inline & roof fans

These fans are used in air movement applications such as ducting (mix flow inline tube fans), free standing fans, swing stand fans, steel roof fans, (portable) ventilation fans (and ducting) and wheeled, adjustable pitch fans. Fireproof, flame proof and high temperature axial fans are also available. High moisture fans is another option. For applications where the motor needs to be kept away from the air flow, or a variable speed drive is to be used, we can supply belt-driven axial fans.

Axial duct fans

SIZES: Ranges from a 250mm to 800mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 840m3/hr to 30000m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 25Pa and 345Pa
POWER: Between 0,08Kw and 4,0Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 220V and 380V
FEATURES: Include front grill only.
OPTIONAL: Additional rear grill and swing stands available to order.

Roof axial fans

SIZES: 500mm and 600mm
VOLUME: Ranges from 9300m3/hr and 13000m3/hr
PRESSURE: Between 150Pa and 260Pa
POWER: Between 0,75Kw and 2,2Kw
VOLTAGE: Available in 220V and 380V
FEATURES: Includes rain cowl.
OPTIONAL: Any of our axial fans above can be adapted into a roof axial to order.


Pipeline axial fans

These are fans with dynamic balance calibration, goo aerodynamic performance and 4 widened and thickened blades for strong suction and uniform air output.


axial fan 2.2kw
2200 watt inline axial fan
180 watt axial fan
Axial fan, 180w
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Axial fan dimensions
Axial fan specifications - dimensions
Axial fan air flow & pressure
Axial fan specification - performance (air flow and pressure)