Heating Dry Bath Incubators

Heating Dry bath incubator

Eins-Sci dry bath incubator
Eins-Sci dry bath incubator

Temperature range, +5 Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.
Various standard aluminium block sizes are available.The unit is supplied with one heating block and plastic lid.

Features & Specifications

  • Variable temperatures of up to 120 °C
  • Includes 1 heating block and Plastic Lid
  • Range of heating blocks available, extremely versatile for 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 50ml and well plates
  • LED temperature and time display
  • Safety Over Temperature Circuit
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Includes transparent lid
  • CE Marked
dry bath incubator specirications
dry bath incubator specifications

Heating block options for the dry bath incubator

A range of heating blocks are available. Versatile unit for 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 50ml and well plates.
Ein-sci heating block options
Ein-sci heating block options

Cooling and heating dry block incubator

NOTE! This Dry Bath can reach to -10 degrees Celsius when the ambient temperature less than 25 degrees Celsius.
DBC-002, Cool/Heat Dry Bath Incubator – 10°C to +100°C
MRC cooling & heating dry bath incubator
MRC cooling & heating dry bath incubator
The DBC-002 Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled product
using advanced thermoelectric technique. With this technical, more stable
and accurate temperature control is achieved. Replacement is
convenient with optional metal block of various specifications configured
for different types of test tubes.
● LCD display easy to setup and use.
● Simultaneous display of set and actual time/temperature.
● Temperature deflection adjusting meet with different demands.
● As it is equipped with various optional blocks, the instrument can adapt to
different tubes & wells to cope with experimental needs. It is easy to
replace the metal blocks and is very simple to clean and sterilize
● Customized blocks are available to suit your specific demands.
● Microprocessor controlled incubation time and temp.
● Beep-signal/Stop after program completed.
● Peltier design of DBC-002 provides efficient thermal control.