Aquarium Filters

In-tank and outside tank aquarium filters

Aquarium filters with submersible pumps

These sponge filters provide excellent filtration serving as solids removal filters, biofilters and aerators. They dramatically improve water clarity.

The 8 watt filter pumps 600 liters per hour (1m head maximum);

16 watt filter delivers 1000 liters per hour (1.3m head maximum);

22 watt filter handles 1200 liters per hour (1.6m head maximum);

35 watt delivers 1600 liters per hour or a maximum 2.5m head

All cables are 1.35m


Aquarium external filters

These external filters with pump included are silent and suitable for freshwater and seawater.

The HW-602B and HW-603B models cycle 400 liters per hour maximum, with the one unit slightly bigger for increased filter capacity.


See the Adobe pdf document for more information:

Aquarium filters