Water Quality Testing

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Water quality testing equipment

For water quality testing, we supply the Horiba,  XS Instruments range,  Eutech Instruments, Sensafe eXactExtechMilawauke and Lamotte ranges for water quality testing.

We select equipment based on your application, be it industrial process lines, hand held meters or bench top models. For example, the Sensafe eXact range of photometers can measure parameters such as nitrate, nitrates and phosphates.

Many water quality parameters can be tested

Ecotao offers solutions for all common water quality parameters: pH, salinity, temperature, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, various ions (colorimetry and probes), turbidity and more.

We supply a range of options for testing water ranging from test strips, to pocket testers, single parameter meters, multi-parameter meters and bench-top meters.

Typical Parameter List

Please enquire aqua@ecotao.co.za (or 0823903989) for any parameter that is not listed.

Typical probe-type measurements

pH, Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, TDS, chloride, dissolved oxygen, temperature, ORP / Redox

Typical photometer-type measurements


List: Alkalinity, Aluminum, Ammonia, Biguanide, Bromine (DPD-4), Calcium, Chloride (as NaCl), Chlorine Dioxide (DPD-1), Chlorine, Combined (DPD-3), Free (DPD-1),Total (DPD-4), Chromium (VI), Copper (Cu+2), Cyanide, Cyanuric Acid, Fluoride, Hardness, (as CaCO3), Hydrogen Peroxide, Iron, Manganese, Metals (+2 Valence), Molybdate (MoO4), Nitrate (as NO3), Nitrite (as NO2), Ozone (DPD-4), Peracetic Acid, Permanganate (DPD-1), pH, Phosphate, Quaternary Ammonia (QAC), Sulfate, Sulfide, Turbidity.