Pet Litter

Odour control and food probiotic: ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 4

  • To restore good digestion after upsets, feed 1 teaspoon daily for three days, added into canned cat food, for both kittens and adults (about 90 to 100 teaspoons in a one pound dispenser).
  • Feed two grams daily (1/2 ounce per week) per 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of dog or cat body weight.
  • Lightly sprinkle a small amount of ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 4 in each litter tray two to three times weekly to control odour. The average litter tray will be deodorized with 1 – 2 tablespoons a week. This amounts to a 8 to 16 week supply per one pound dispenser.
  • For other animal and bird cages, lightly sprinkle ALKEN ENZ-ODOR® 4 on the top of the bedding or litter, two or three times a week, as needed.
  • All natural environmental isolate, non-toxic, non-pathogenic Bacillus strains.
  • Non-toxic and safe for use around children, pets, livestock and wildlife.
  • Works in animal confinement areas, catteries, kennels, zoos, ferret, rabbit, and bird cages.
  • Works with all types of animal bedding and litter (regular and scoopable clay, pine and other compressed wood products, straw, hay, recycled paper, etc.).
  • Can be applied to bottom of garbage can or sprinkled in among garbage for odour control.

Cost per one pound dispenser: R299 excluding VAT and freight within South Africa.

Improved powder-form synergistic blend of food-grade natural ingredients (including Active Aloe®, made from the finest pure gel aloe) with a new blend of 4 spore-forming Bacillus biostrains. Degrades odour causing fatty acids. Deodorizes bedding and litter for cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds etc. Also probiotic if cats lick it off their coat. Total count 2 billion CFU/gram (907 billion per lb) Approved for sale in Canada.

  • Alken Enz-Odor 5, is typically used with barnyard waste problems, especially hog (pig) manure. 
  • Enz-Odor 1 (original) is for use with dog & cat urine accidents on furniture and carpeting. 
  • Enz-Odor 4 was developed for sprinkling into cat litter boxes, to keep the odor down between litter changes. 
  • Enz-Odor 5 was developed for hog farm waste lagoon odor control. 
  • Enz-Odor 2 was something we developed for a problem presented to us in municipal waste treatment – nothing to do with the dogs & cats. 

For your dog &/or cat Enz-Odor 1 and Enz-Odor 4 are suitable.