Cooling Water & HVAC Test Kit


Cooling Water / HVAC Test Kit – Bacteria, Yeasts, Moulds, pH, TDS, Temp, Chlorine Test


The Dip-slide Kit includes:

2 x boxes of Cooling Water Dipslides
1 x Orion MX8 dipslide incubator
1 x colorimeter and accessories (optional)
1 x pH, TDS and Temperature handheld meter (optional).

Dip-slides Orion MX8
Dip-slides Orion MX8
The dipslide front agar type is Nutrient TTC for the agar growth, Total Count (TTC / Red Spot). The rear agar type is Malt Extract for Yeasts & Moulds.

The Palintest calorimeter

Palintest calorimeter
Palintest calorimeter
The Palintest calorimeter tests for free and total chlorine. The kit includes,
  • Compact chlorometer
  • 2 cuvettes
  • Cuvette brush
  • Crush / stirring rods
  • 50 tests for free and total chlorine
  • Instructions
  • Soft case

Eutech Elite PCTS tester measures pH, TDS and temperature

Eutech Elite PCTS ph and TDS meter
Eutech Elite PCTS ph and TDS meter
  • Measure pH, conductivity, TDS or salinity with temperature
  • Large back-lit graphic display
  • Uses 4 x AAA alkaline batteries
  • Average 150 hours of battery life
  • Wide leak-proof cap serves as stable base
  • Replaceable sensors
  • One-year warranty for tester
  • Six-month warranty for replacement sensors