Cosmetic Dipslides Kit

Cosmetics dipslides

Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are detected with cosmetics dipslides. For both liquids and cream cosmetics, bacteria, yeasts and moulds (fungi) are a production hazard. The test take 24-48 hours and so are ideal for cosmetic manufacturers. The Cosmetic dipslide is a dual sided slide coated in two different agars. It features a Tryptone Soya Agar with TTC to detect aerobic bacteria and a Rose Bengal Agar to detect yeasts and moulds. It is used in the cosmetic industry to monitor microbiological contamination in
creams and liquids (CFU/ml).

cosmetics bacteria yeast mould dipslide
cosmetics bacteria yeast mould dipslide

Some of the ways cosmetics may become contaminated with bacteria or fungi are—

  • Contaminated raw materials, water or other ingredients
  • Poor manufacturing conditions
  • Ingredients that  encourage growth of microorganisms, without an effective preservative system
  • Packaging that doesn’t protect a product adequately
  • Poor shipping or storage conditions
  • Consumer use, such as the need to dip fingers into the product

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