Filtration, Biofiltration


Water treatment through biofiltration, ozone, foam fractionaters (protein skimmers)

We have a practical range of products for water filtration and treatment. Our filtration options range from home filters for small ponds and aquariums to commercial or industrial filtration. Please describe your application and need and we will provide a suitable water filtration solution. We supply sand and bead filters, biofilter media, foam fractionaters (protein skimmers), bag, disk, screen and cartridge filters, pond and aquarium filters, cyclones, vortexes and radial flow settlers.

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Filter housing

We supply a robust range of bag, disk and cartridge filters. For liquid filtration, we can supply bag filter housings, filter bags, cartridge filter housings, filter cartridges and strainers.

Bag and cartridge filter housings come in single and multi-bag housings and housing are in stainless steel and plastic (Polypropylene).

Filter bags are in the thick needle felt bags and nylon mono-filament filter bags. Available in Steel, Zinc Plated and Plastic Top Collar Rings. Suitable for all commonly used Filter Housings.