Air Blowers

Positive displacement blowers (Roots type blower) & regenerative blowers (ring bower, side-channel blower (side channel))

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Ecotao supplies a range of air blowers such as roots type (positive displacement) air blowers, ring blowers (side channel/regenerative blowers, ring blower) and fans. For most water-related (aquaculture) applications a side channel regenerative blower is sufficient, but where higher volumes and or pressures are needed, we have roots blowers to service this function. Please visit our online shop to view side channel blowers and compressor diaphragm blowers that are in stock.

Blower parameters and specifications

There are the large number of air blower types, models and applications. For Ecotao to quote properly, please advise with as much information as possible about your specific application. The following information us useful in selecting the correct air blower:

■ Brief description of your application;
■ City or altitude of application;
■ Air volume required (e.g. cubic meters per hour or liters per minute);
■ Air pressure (or vacuum) needed (e.g. 1 meter of water is 100mbar pressure needed, excluding friction losses etc.;
■ Distance from blower to furthermost point of air release;
■ Type of air release, such as air diffuser planned;
■ Is the environment clean or very dusty?
■ Type of gas to be conveyed – air or some other gas; Explosive gases need special motors and blowers;
■ Expected gas temperature;
■ Is the pressure static (constant) or expected to be variable (e.g. staff are adjusting air flows on the delivery line without consideration of the impact on the blower.

With this information, we can select a suitable blower for your application. Some specialized industrial applications will require a skilled engineer to determine the air pressure needed. Any pressure unit can be provided, although we prefer millibar. USA documents usually report pressure in PSI.

The positive displacement and regenerative blowers serve in both vacuum and air delivery applications.

Blower types include, centrifugal blowers (turbo blowers), multi stage blowers, cooling fans, pressure exhaust fans, dust collectors, roots blowers, side channel regenerative blowers (ring blowers), diaphragm blowers, vacuum pumps, and battery operated blowers.