Direct Soil pH Measurement Kit

Hanna Instruments Direct Soil pH Measurement Kit




Using this comprehensive kit, you can easily test the pH of soil directly or after preparation of a diluted sample. The  specialized soil pH and temperature probe features a rugged, conical tip that can be inserted directly into moist or soft soil. When working in  harder soils, use the included plastic auger to perforate the ground.  The waterproof meter features a multi-level LCD display that shows pH  and temperature, two buttons for simple operation, on-screen tutorial  messages, automatic temperature compensation, and automatic one-point or two-point calibration. Battery percentage is displayed during start-up,  and the Battery Error Prevention System alerts you if low battery power  could adversely impact readings. Includes meter, pH electrode, soil  auger, soil preparation solution, pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet, pH  7.01 buffer solution sachet, cleaning solution sachet for inorganic soil deposits, cleaning solution sachet for organic soil deposits, 100 mL  plastic beaker, batteries, hard carrying case, and instructions.