Corrosive Air Blower

corrosive air blower
Corrosive air or gas applications requires special materials in contact with the corrosive gas. This is where

Plastic centrifugal fans for corrosive applications

These chemical fume extraction fans are available in a wide range of plastic materials to cover virtually every application. The thermoplastic fans have no exposed metal parts that can corrode.

Fans are manufactured from Polypropylene, HDPE, uPVC and PVDF. There is  no metallic parts present in the air stream, so highly corrosive fumes can be  handled with the right selection of material for construction. Fan motors are either direct drive, V-belt driven or motors with a frequency inverter (VSD). Flame retardant materials and ATEX (explosion proof) is another blower option within this range.

Available from 50 to 132,000 m3/h and 0.5 to 53 mbar pressure range.

We can also supply the plastic duct systems and fume scrubbers and laboratory fume cabinets that may be needed with the supplied blower or centrifugal fan.

Corrosive gas industrial exhaust centrifugal fan